Sylvanian Families Persian cats gray white mixed

Sylvanian Families Gray and White Persian Cat Family

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Gray and White Persian Cat Family - Family of 4 figures - SF 5455

Sylvanian Families: Persian Cat Family - Mother, Father, 2 sisters

Father Lucas Persian is a dancer who is well known all throughout Sylvania. He has studied many different styles of dance, so says it’s impossible for him to pick a favourite! Lucas is very keen to stay in shape and is always exercising, and he starts every day with a homemade smoothie for breakfast.

Mother Dawn Persian knows a lot about astronomy and the constellations, and is always keen to share her knowledge with her friends and neighbours. Her children are starting to take an interest in the subject too, so Dawn studies her star charts every evening to make sure she’s ready for any questions they may have.

Sister Lyra Persian likes tinkering with machines and is very interested in engineering. The family have just moved into a new house that has an elevator, and Lyra is fascinated by how it works. Being a twin, Lyra is very close to her sister and the two of them talk all the time, which is especially nice as she is normally quite quiet and shy.

Sister Skye Persian enjoys studying the natural sciences, in particular meteorology. Each day she examines the sky and makes a note of the weather in her diary. Skye also checks the wind direction using the weather vane on the top of her house.

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Ages: 3+

This set includes 4 figures. Other figures and accessories seen in images are not included, but are for illustrative purposes only

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Sylvanian Families Gray white persian family


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