Sylvanian Families Husky Family of 5 with sled

Sylvanian Families Husky Family of 5 with sled

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Husky Family of 5 with sled (Mother, Father and triplets) - New Release 2022 - SF 5636

Father Vincent Husky is the deputy mayor of Sylvanian Village. He is responsible for looking after the roads, tram tracks, footpaths and forest trails to ensure they stay in tip top condition so all the villagers can get around safely. Vincent is also keen mechanic and can often be found in the garage behind the house tinkering with his vintage car collection, and getting very grubby in the process. His wife is constantly having to remind him to take his overalls off before he comes back into the house!

Mother Avril Husky is everything you would expect from the deputy mayor's wife. She is methodical, organised and always knows every detail of his schedule, and those of her seven children too! Avril has a passion for jewellery and gems, with vintage and heirloom pieces being her absolute favourite. Her most prized possession is a beautiful antique brooch that Vincent gave her for their 10th wedding anniversary last year.

Triplets Rae, Drake & Nelly Husky
 are the newest arrivals in the family and are still very small. Being so young, they aren’t yet able to do a huge amount by themselves, but that’s no problem as their dad Vincent has built them the most adorable little sledge which they can be pulled around in. They smile and giggle with glee as they ride along behind their parents or older siblings.

Triplets sledge can be towed by the tandem bicycle (sold separately).

This set includes 5 family members (Dad, Mum and the triplets) and the triplets sled.

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