Sylvanian Families Magical Blind Bag - Random Bag x 1

Sylvanian Families Magical Blind Bag - Random Bag x 1

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Magical Blind Bag - 1 x Random bag - Season 7 of the Blind Bag releases.

The Magical Baby Series features eight different sealed mystery bags, each containing a baby figure in magical costume or a prop. The mystery is that you wont know which one you've got until you have opened the pack to reveal who is inside! 

In this sale you will be purchasing 1 x random bag (and you will randomly receive 1 of the figures and their specific accessory listed below)

Please note, that if choosing more than one random bag, there is a possibility you may end up with more than one of the same figure. Bags are sealed and we have no way of knowing which figures you will receive. In the case of double-ups we do not exchange or take returns on these items, as this is part of the fun and chance of the "random" pick.

The possible figures and accessories you MAY find inside (remember, you won't know which one you are receiving as this is a random, sealed bag)

1.       Breeze Chocolate with spell book
2.       Gloria Midnight in witch costume
3.       Reggie Midnight in witch costume
4.       Justin Caramel with wizard's staff
5.       Mia Cakebread with broomstick
6.       Henry Periwinkle with cauldron
7.       Dash Kennelworth with magic lamp
8.       Mystery eight figure to collect!
Each blind bag contains one baby figure and one costume or accessory.
Contents cannot be specified and there are 8 different figures with accessories to collect.

 Bags are chosen at random from a boxful as per the picture below.

Price is for one mystery bag containing one random figure.

Ages: 3+