Sylvanian Families Maple Cat Family

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Maple Cat Family 

Mother, Georgina runs the scrumptious Syvlanian Gelato shop, Theodore the Father Maple cat drives the shiny, brand new town Tram around Sylvania and their adorable children are Japer and Millie Maple

Meet the Maple Scottish Fold Cat Family, pack includes: Father Theodore, Mother Georgina, Brother Jasper & Sister Millie.


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A little about this family

Theodore Maple enjoys going on trips and sharing his adventures with the other Sylvanians. He keeps a notebook with details of all the best places hes seen next to a compass in his pocket; he never gets lost, and often gives directions to those looking for their next adventure.

Georgina Maple makes the best gelato in the whole of Sylvanian Village! She can usually be found picking fresh fruits with Jasper, while dreaming up the next best scoop.

Jasper Maple has a big imagination and loves writing his thoughts down and turning them into stories. He gets a lot of inspiration from the books in the library, which he sometimes sits and reads all day long!

Millie Maple knows everything there is to know about nature. If you ask her a question about flowers then shell be sure to know the answer. She has a real eye for composition and her beautiful bouquets are perfectly arranged.

Ages: 3+