Sylvanian Families Maple Cat Twins

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Sylvanian Families Maple Cat Twins  - Version 2. 

The Sylvanian Families Maple Cat Twins are totally the best of friends but they are total opposites! The crawling Maple Cat Twin is a baby girl. She dislikes loud sounds as they sometimes frighten her into tears. The twins are so close, they laugh and cry together.
The sitting Maple Cat Twin is a baby girl who loves listening to music. Unlike her twin, whom she does everything with, she finds loud sounds interesting.

The set includes 2 x baby figures and a ride-on toy train.

To read a little background on the Scottish Fold Cats (and yes, they do exist) you might like to visit our Store blog article on the background of Scottish Fold cats and see what makes them different from other cats


Age 3+

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