Sylvanian Families Marmalade Bear Baby - Flair - Brand New

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Marmalade Bear Baby - Flair - Australian Version - Brand New - SF 5006

Baby Marmalade bear is wearing a pink romper suit and comes with a crib and bottle. 

This is rather a unique Australian-only version of the Marmalade Bear Baby. This family are also known as the Porridge Ginger Bears in UK. They were called the Marmalade Bear Family only in their Australian release. They are very different from the UK version of the Marmalade Bears.

Note that although this item is brand new, the box is a little worn with dog-eared corners, some creases and the clear plastic front of box is a little crumpled, as seen in images.  Figure inside is immaculate. 

    Brand new in box.  Box is a little worn.

    Age 3+

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    Suitable for age 3+