Sylvanian Families Mr Lion’s Winter Sleigh with Santa lion and baby lion - 2021 latest Christmas set

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Mr Lion's Winter Sleigh and baby lion - SF 5568 

Sylvanian Families latest Christmas themed holiday set with 2 figures and over 15 pieces - 2021 Christmas release 

Lionel Grande adores Christmas, and this year he's lucky enough to have been chosen to dress up as Santa Claus.

Little baby Lawrence is excited too, he's dressing up as a Christmas elf and thinks that the sleigh and presents all look so pretty and very tempting. Lionel will be working at the Grand Department Store this winter handing out presents to all the Sylvanian children who have been good this year, and Lawrence can't wait to be Santa's little helper!

Set includes lion father Lionel and lion baby Lawrence; other figures not included.

Suitable for age 3+ due to tiny pieces



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