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Sylvanian Families Sunny Rabbit Family of 3 figures.

A 3-figure set containing the Sunny Rabbit  father, mother and baby.


Father Eddy Sunny is very neat and organised. He has a place for everything and likes everything in its place. Right down to his keys and wallet, which have to always be in the same pocket facing the same way!

Mother Rooney Sunny loves experimenting in the kitchen and trying out new flavour combinations, which doesn’t always work out quite the way she expected. Rooney is not a morning person and is often woken up by baby Wesley bouncing on the bed!

Baby brother Wesley Sunny loves his food and is often told to slow down by his parents when eating. Ever since he was old enough to pick up a spoon by himself, he’s been wolfing down his food in a flash! Wesley has a very good sense of taste and likes to play guess-the-ingredients with his parents at mealtimes.

A comment for Collector's....

Family sets of 3 figures are new to Australia and it's worth noting a couple of interesting points and differences about these family sets. Generally speaking the Families of 3 are one-tone coloured (ie the same colour fur all over, unlike most Sylvanian Families sets where there is 4 in a family and their fur/ears/nose etc is multi-coloured.  The Family of 3 sets usually come with parents and a baby (no older sibling) Also the clothing is noticeably a different style to the general Sylvanian clothing. 

Also available in store are the Family of 3 'Elephants and the Family of 3 Polar bears.

Ages: 3+



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