Sylvanian Families Weekend Travel Set holidays white rabbit

Sylvanian Families Weekend Travel Set with White Rabbit Mother

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Weekend Travel Set  - SF 5641

Figure & accessory set with white rabbit mother, suitcase and a host of holiday-themed accessories, perfect for any weekend away.

When she was a young bun, before she was married, travelling was Emilia's favourite thing of all. She would journey far and wide seeing amazing sights, trying fantastic foods and meeting many, many people. In fact, she met her husband Kit on one of those adventures and they've been together ever since!

These days Emilia is a busy lady. Whether she's working in her ice cream van, or helping Kit with their children, she's always on the go. Which is why, every now and then, she still likes to treat herself to a weekend away visiting friends or seeing some sights.

This set includes everything she needs for a few days away from it all with a large wheelie suitcase, carry-on bag, coat, umbrella, wrist watch and more.

Includes white rabbit mother; other figures sold separately.
Bedroom furniture not included.

Age 3+

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