Sylvanian Famlies Woolly Alpaca Family new in

Sylvanian Families Woolly Alpaca Family

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Sylvanian Families Woolly Alpaca Family - The latest family to arrive in Sylvania!

This lovely family have now been discontinued from production in the Sylvanian Families range.

Meet the adorable new Woolly Alpaca Family. The set includes Mother, Father, Girl and Baby alpacas in detailed clothing. They all have fluffy fur so your little ones will love holding them as they play.

A point of interest: Alpacas come from South America, notably Peru and other mountainous areas. The Sylvanian Woolly Alpaca Mother and sister's clothing seems to have a distinct Peruvian style to it.  In Peru women wear traditional skirts called "polleras" or "melkkhay". They are trimmed with a colorful band called "puyto". 

This set contains Father and Mother Alpaca, sister and baby. So far there are no other family members released to date, but this remains to be seen. 

Age 3+

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