Dollhouse miniature 1:12 telescope bronze

Telescope - 6 cm high


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Dollhouse Miniature Brass Telescope - 1:12 sale dollhouse miniature accessory.

Perfect for any miniature study, school, Man Cave or the modern living room. This lovely, detailed Telescope has a "bronzed-look" finish and looks quite realistic.  It has 3 legs that form a tripod base. The legs are loose in the packet and need to be inserted into the tripod base. Handy Tip. Dab a little glue in the slot where the legs insert, to keep them in place. 

Note that telescope does not swivel on it's stand, but is fixed.

Made of metal. 

Measures approximately 6.2 cm high. 

For display only. Not functional.

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This is not designed to be a children's toy, but rather a collector's item. Suitable for adult collector's, diorama's etc.

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