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Tree - Handcrafted - Heart Shaped Topiary - 18 cm high

Handmade Miniature

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Miniature Tree - Heart Shaped - approximately 18m high 

Trees really add so much to a scene and an ideal miniature tree is  surprisingly hard to come by.

Here, at Sylvanian Specialty Store we have handcrafted our own range of trees. Initially I created these for photography purposes - for background use in scenes in which we photograph our store products. Since then, many people have asked about purchasing these trees.  So we've made a few for purchase - very much a limited edition range. 

Topiary tree for dioramas heart shaped

Heart-shaped tree - 18 cm

The tree is made with a very solid base and can be placed anywhere in your scene.

This sale is for 1 x heart-shaped handcrafted tree of approximately 18 to 20 cm height.

Other items seen in images are not included, but are only in images to demonstrate the size of this product in a scene.

Measurements: approximately 18 to 20 cm high and approximately 8 cm at widest point. 

Please note that each tree, though similar style, may differ slightly from the photograph as no two trees are identical, but have their own individually shaped trunk. 

Made of Wood, Plastic, Clay, Papier Mache and many layers of glue and paint and sealed with an acrylic varnish.  We only use non-toxic paints and glue products. These trees take many hours to make and setting time in between layers can take several weeks. 

Although these are created to be very solid and durable, we would still advise handling your tree with care and not leaving it in an area of direct sunlight where it could fade.  It can be wiped down with a slightly damp cloth if required, but should not be allowed to become wet. 

Please note that these are not designed to be toys for children, but are created to be added to an adult's diorama scene, for collector's displays or for photography purposes.

Recommended age is 14+ 

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