Sylvanian FAmilies Wheelie Bin races

Wheelie Bin - 8 cm high


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Wheelie bin - Dollshouse miniature

This is a very authentic replica of a wheelie bin, but in miniature 1:12 scale size ideal for a dollshouse scene. Very realistic. The lids opens, wheels roll. Its a fabulous sturdy little model.

Place it by the back door, the front gate of your scene, in the garage, or have a little fun and have Wheelie Bin races on Sylvanian Sports Day!!

Measurements: 8 cm high.  4.5 cm width at widest point. 3 cm width at narrowest point. Depth approximately 3 cm. 

Some other ways you could use this wheelie bin... one suggestion from a customer was to use it for the Tooth Fairy (as a place to leave a tooth out overnight) One person even mentioned it would make a great toothbrush holder. A fun gift for someone! 

This is a Streets Ahead branded miniature dollshouse items in 1:12 scale.

Well detailed. A great addition to any diorama.

 Age recommendation:  14+

Please note that these are not intended to be used as a toy. 

Please note that Sylvanian figures, building and furniture and other background accessories in the pictures are not included but are used to demonstrate this product and show size in comparison in a Sylvanian Families scene.
Keep an eye out for more diorama creating bundles like this in the near future. When available these will  be found in our Miniatures collection

Not suitable for children
This item is suited to adult collector's
No figures, furniture or building included. Sign is not included (but it's very easy to make your own) See image which indicates all contents of this sale. 

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